Help us stop Mark Twain National Forest from eliminating public hunting of feral hogs

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Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri is asking for comments. MDC has already implemented ‘No hog hunting’ on grounds owned or controlled by the MDC and are now working to convince MTNF officials to do the same.

MDC has been repeatedly known to kill hogs that they trap, then pile them up to rot, rather than offer them to the public for meat. Although they say the dead hogs are spread out rather than piled, I have personally seen multiple sights with 3 to 6 dead hogs in a pile to the side of fire trails and have talked with others that have seen piles of hogs on the banks of tributaries to the Current River in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Until July 23rd they are accepting comments from the public. I talked directly to Brian Davidson, MTNF and Alan Leary, MDC at a feral hog meeting in Rolla, MO on June 18 and asked what could be done, by the public, to convince them to continue to allow the eradication of feral hogs by all means available, trapping, hunting, shooting on sight rather than only trying to have the 28 full time employees of MDC or MTNF trying to ‘trap only’  Missouri’s feral hog population that is growing rapidly.

Please sign this petition to convince our political representatives, Mark Twain National Forest Officials and Missouri Department of Conservation that every available means to eradicate feral hogs in Missouri is a much better and more economic approach than only using employees to eradicate feral hogs on an additional 1.5 million acres in the Ozark Mountains in addition to the 1.3+ million acres the MDC owns or controls.