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Hiring Discrimination: Modification Towards Innovation

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Discrimination has long been prevalent in the hiring of employees. Sometimes, even with just one look at a person’s resume, he/she is out of their list because employers expect them to be the perfect embodiment of their ideal employee. With this practice, how can people, especially those stigmatized by the society, expect to get a job?

As we celebrate women’s month this March along with the emerging issue of feminism, we encourage you to stand up against discrimination in hiring. Women deserve to be treated equally in businesses, both in hiring and in their wages. Unfortunately, women still do not get to enjoy the same privileges as men, because of the stigma that men are stronger and better.

Aside from gender discrimination, we must also take notice on other types of discrimination in businesses, including age and religion. Fresh graduates usually complain of having a hard time finding jobs because of lack of experience. Older people also complain of having difficult time because “they cannot do the same as younger people.” Muslims have opted to change their names to Christian names for hiring and other Muslims, no matter how good their qualifications are, could not find a job because of this discrimination.

Although there are laws on the banning of these discriminations, specifically RA 6725 Article 135 on women and RA 10911, these discriminations are still evident in the society. Help us in the better implement these laws. We are proposing that these people who experienced and may experience discrimination, to have a platform for them to express their complaint undergoing an easy and fast process. Also, we appeal to the government to create a law to stop racial and religious discriminations. BREAK THIS STIGMA, STOP DISCRIMINATION.

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