Ask Rand Paul to run as a libertarian presidential candidate in 2020

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in 2016, america was given two bad choices for president.  Donald Trump won. the democrats have never liked trump but now many republicans are starting to turn against him. Trumps current views on the 2a go against the republicans stand point but more dangerous then that are his views on due process a  right guaranteed by the constitution . no one should have to be locked up and then prove there innocence, not in a free country and certainly not in america. sadly though come 2020 we will have trump vs a Democrat.  for republicans that is unexceptable . Rand pual currently is a republican senator from Kentucky but he also has many views that libertarians agree with not to mention he is the son of libertarian hero Ron Paul. If Rand Paul ran as a libertarian not only do i believe he would win but i believe he would legitimize the lp. much like Abraham Lincoln did the republican party back in 1860. Rand has ran in republican primary's for president but in 2020 that will not be an option. however the libertarian party will be. this petition is to show Rand Paul if he made the decision to at least try for the Libertarian nomination that america would support him and vote for him even it was not an R by his name.

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