Change the laws to give landlords more rights on their own properties!

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Currently tenants months in arrears of rent with no lease in place for months who refuse to pay rent or leave the property and engage in illegal activity on your property are living rent free on our properties that we have worked hard all our lives to build and pay for. The Police are powerless to help as it's classed as a civil matter. All up the process in Queensland is Remedy to Breach with 7 days to remedy outstanding rent, then a Notice to Leave with another 7 days notice and then finally apply to QCAT within 14 days of expiry of Notice to leave. This will then take approximately 6- 8 weeks to be heard. If all your paperwork is not exactly correct as to the adjudicators satisfaction your case will be dismissed and the process begins again. All the while you are still not receiving any rent! If the residents engage in illegal activities on your property, while this is addressed and investigated by Police, this is still not a reason to to evict these tenants off of your property any sooner than the process. So in short with no lease, unpaid rent for months,constant harassment aimed toward landlord, and illegal activity on your property, they are still lawfully entitled to live on your property. These laws are unfair to landlords, cause enormous stress and financial burden on people and families and need to be changed for the good of the community and our state!