Protect Children in Schools from Gun Violence while Employing Veterans

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I hope the succinct proposal below regarding a potential viable (bi-partisan) solution for gun violence in schools merits consideration by you and your colleagues. I am a veteran, a business leader, and most importantly a father of two young children. I am happy to help with developing this idea should you feel it is worth the investment in time.

This proposal solves/mitigates risk for at least three issues:
1. Gun violence in schools
2. Veteran employment
3. Civics education and local school funding

Both Republicans and Democrats should be able to get behind it because:
1. There is no infringement on second amendment rights
2. We are not simply posting armed guards at schools
3. It will address the issue of violence against children in schools with a relatively short implementation time

1. The federal government (and budget) re-purposes $7.8B to pay for a teaching position in each public school in the country.  This is a mere 3% of the budgets of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Education.
2. This program is optional for local school districts to participate in.
3. This helps schools pay for a full teaching headcount when their budgets are already strained.
4. This teaching position can only be filled with a combat veteran.
5. The teaching position focuses on Civics and History learning.
6. The veteran in this position is certified every six months like federal agents in close quarters battle and is authorized to conceal carry a firearm. This is no different than air marshals on airplanes.

Gun control, reducing bullets, metal detectors, lock-down solutions are all flawed and currently intractable solutions for the issue of gun violence in schools.  Metal detectors will not stop a gunman and employing security to control the checkpoint is a waste of public funds.

I hope the above is enough to start a discussion about a truly viable, bi-partisan solution to the epidemic of gun violence in schools. We cannot tackle the entire topic of gun violence in the country without breaking it down into smaller milestones. Let's at least solve the problem as it pertains to children and schools.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Brady Bagwan


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