Protect Our Youth, not Marijuana! No to S​.​1200. Banking bill = Vape Banking bill!!

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Dear Senator Mike Crapo:

We, the families who have been harmed by marijuana and its many delivery systems, thank you for your past stance against federal legalization and in favor of keeping the marijuana industry out of our country’s protected banking.  Please stand firm in what is right and do not compromise or legitimize any product from the marijuana industry that hasn't been proven safe by the FDA.  The FDA’s lack of support coupled with the Surgeon General’s new warnings and what science is discovering to be true should be adequate indication that actions being contemplated in the “SAFE” Banking Act, S.1200 The Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019, are not in the interest of general public health and safety.  We approach you today as families who have lost our loved ones to death or diminished lives due to the effects of THC.

Senator, we represent a growing number of citizens and constituents who have loved ones that have been harmed from the effects of marijuana and its derivatives, through addiction, suicide, lung disease, impaired driving, violence, homelessness, elder and child abuse, neglect, psychosis, and other mental illnesses.  We all have personal testimonies to tell that back up what science is finding to be true about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), all that either began with marijuana abuse, or where THC was the only contributing factor.  Today’s highly potent marijuana products, including vapes and edibles, are delivery systems for a dangerous drug that has yet to prove its value but is daily revealing its harms. The science is well established and clear, and the facts remain:

We ask you, Senator Crapo, and all legislators, to allow us to share our stories before any misinformed sympathy for this misunderstood industry leads to compromise with the drug investors. Although the choice is a clear one, we know that this will not be a peaceful battle. Many of us have been educating lawmakers and the public for years and have been verbally, professionally, and emotionally attacked by those who have a vested interest in legalization, either by investment or use. As a result of this abuse from the marijuana industry’s responders, aimed at curtailing our first amendment rights through bully tactics, many families have stopped speaking publicly and have been forced to deal with the loss of their loved ones privately, not even allowed to peacefully voice their concerns and testimonies in an attempt to keep others from suffering through what we have had to endure.  These are the victims of the harassment of the legalization forces, who will stop at nothing, not even craven disregard for the grief of families devastated by marijuana's impact, in the pursuit of their goal to have this drug legalized. Are these the ‘forces’ who you want to protect through the SAFE Banking bill?

We ask that sympathy be with the victims and their families.  Marijuana is a common foundation of addiction and mental illness and a key factor in the growth of felony-level violent acts. We know marijuana is a driving factor in the increase of suicides and the addiction crisis, and legitimizing and promoting marijuana use only increases harms and allows a few to profit.

No amount of marijuana has been proven safe to be used in all adults or children, so the burden of proof is on the marijuana industry. Until they can prove marijuana is safe to use recreationally, we ask you to stop this bill and any other bill that will continue to aid and abet this industry, causing great harm. 

America cannot afford to legitimize, legalize, commercialize, normalize, or protect marijuana. 

Thank you for your consistent and thoughtful service.

Mom Strong is a community of families who have banded together to tell our stories and unmask the marijuana charade.