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Vote Against HB 2293/SB 2525

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In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a school board member. But I am first and foremost a parent, and I have a passion for public schools. And I firmly believe that If we do not speak up loudly, the very fabric of our educational system will be torn by deep pocket lobbyists bent on destroying what we cherish. This bill is just one example of the insidious attempts to silence our voices, Speak up people! Tell them NO! HB 2293/SB 2525 as introduced in the TN legislature would allow municIpal councils/commissions to remove funds for lobbying from school district budgets. This would set a dangerous precedent whereby one municipal level, elected body could dictate how another municipal level, elected body uses its money. If exercised, this veto power would effectively silence citizen voices in the legislature because the lobbyists represent the school boards who represent the citizens. Once our voices have been silenced, lobbyists from wealthy groups intent on destroying public education will have a free reign of influence. School board members in TN are part-time positions. Boards need the help of lobbyists on our side to stay apprised of educational issues that affect our schools and consituents. LET LOCALLY ELECTED SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS DO THEIR JOBS. VOTERS WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

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