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Investigate Center Line Police

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     We at JGF A.B.A. Angels Benefiting Animals see this as a breed specific murder.  Diamond was a nursing mother merely waiting in her own yard for her owners return to get back to her puppies.  The police viciously and maliciously shot her multiple times though she lay there never moving toward them or trying to in any manner to harm them.  

     Witnesses said she was shot and lay there whimpering and then shot several times, her body taken away.  At least five witness saw the brutal murder of Diamond.  The police have returned to threatened a lady from out of state saying that if she continued to say the dog did not act in an agressive manner or was not a stray they would charge her with several charges, based on what we are not sure.  

     When police officers...who are to Serve and Protect are allowed to behave as barbarians and discriminate against a specific breed of animal as noted in Section 10-66, Dangerous and Vicious Dogs (line f)

then this tells us we have a need for change.  To viciously kill an animal laying in their own yard, then we say who is the "dangerous and vicious" animal.  Certainly the two legged kind.  Police Officers should be required to take a mandatory class by a professional dog trainer who know their breeds and what to do when coming into contact with those animals.  If they are already required to do....then the course is not tough enough and the officer's ignored or simply had a bad instructor.

Zero Toleration for any sort of Police brutality, whether it be animal or mankind.  The officers of today are out of control and it is time we stood up for what is right and good.  This act of terror against Diamond was in fact Mayor Zielinski and Senator Switalski in no manner better than that of terroism against human beings.  We here at A.B.A. take animal well being and abuse very seriously.  It is time for justice for Diamond and we will not stop until the world knows Center Line, Michigan.   How the world looks at that town depends solely upon your actions as leaders.


Anita Murray Cook

Director of A.B.A. Angels Benefiting Animals

Subsidiary of JGF Network Family



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