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Petitioning Senator Michael Bennet

Support the creation of a quality, dignified long-term care system

One Christmas I came home to Colorado to surprise my grandma, and she couldn’t remember my name. Her memory loss had progressed frighteningly fast—she didn’t remember what year it was, where she put her teeth, the name of her church—but, even when she couldn’t remember our names, she wanted, more than anything, to be close to her family. She needed us, and it was so extremely difficult for my family to figure out how to take care of this strong woman who had spent 88 years taking care of us. That's when I started to learn about how broken our long-term care system is.

My family isn’t unique; a majority of the 1.2 million Coloradans soon to be over 65 will need to access long-term care. Our care system doesn’t provide the options and support families need to provide quality, dignified care for our loved ones. It’s in honor of my grandma that I will be delivering a petition to Senator Bennet, and I need your help.

Will you join us in asking Senator Bennet to support Senate Res. 128 which calls for the creation of a long-term care system?

Source: “Population Forecasts” by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs:

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Senator Michael Bennet
Every eight seconds, someone turns 65 in America. In Colorado, that's more than 155 people a day. A majority of the 1.2 million Coloradans soon to be over 65 will need to access long-term care. We need a system of care that will meet the needs of both our rapidly aging population and the growing workforce that enables seniors to live and age with dignity in their own homes.

Please help to ensure that Coloradans and all Americans will have access to affordable, quality long-term care by assuming a leadership role in supporting Senate Res.128.

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