Creating a Holiday that Honors our first responders who sacrifice daily

Creating a Holiday that Honors our first responders who sacrifice daily

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Elizabeth Angel started this petition to Senator Mark Kelly and

I have had mixed emotions about this particular memorial day. I have had the good fortune to be married to a man who has spent his entire life in the service of his country and community. First as a United States Marine where he entered at 18 years old, he served with honor in the theater of Desert Storm and at home.

After his service was over in 1992 we returned to our home in Globe, Arizona where he worked and put himself through the police academy, we eventually ended up in a small community outside of Phoenix called Buckeye, where he continues to serve his country and community.  The life of service with the exception of his military service is not recognized.

I understand that Police are still looked down upon because of the bad actors in the field, but there are those who deserve the recognition for the sacrifices they make daily for the American people.

First Responders, Doctors and nurses and Police Officers have been over looked for so long and it is time that they have a holiday that celebrates them for the work they do for this country and the sacrifices' they make for this country.

I realize that many people will say they do not need a national holiday to celebrate them, we celebrate the deceased without an argument as we should, but we over look the living and the contributions that those who serve have made.

It is not my intention to disrespect what sacrifices have been made by those gone, but we must honor those who are still here. A national holiday that honors the men and women who serve their communities in the worst and best of times is something that I believe is long over due and something that every American can understand.

Tonight in a conversation with my husband he told me of an accident that happened last night all those involved in the accident including a pregnant woman were killed, their deaths were brutal.

Investigating  police officers who go home with the trauma of such an incident still in their minds, the paramedics who hoped to save a life will forever remember being helpless to save those lives and the firefighters will carry with them the images of burned human beings as they put the fire out.

I apologize for the graphic description of this incident but it is just one of millions that happen everyday all across this country.

The officers working this accident will work until they can not work the accident anymore in the hopes of giving the families of those who are gone answers as to why this happened, that is what they do.

Doctors and nurses are the epitome of sacrifice just look at what they did last year, battle against the odds as a disease ragged across the world, they fought for the lives of those who could not fight. Some sacrificing their own lives and health in the process, they deserve to be recognized for their sacrifices living and dead.

I realize that police and race tensions are still at an all time high in this country, but those who deserve to be recognized should be, we have a memorial day for the fallen, we have veterans day for vets, we have a labor day for workers. We need and should have a holiday for all our first responders.

My husband has always held his honor in everything he does, he is not perfect and has made his share of mistakes in life but he has always served with honor and treated people how they treat him. It is past time for them all to be recognized now while they are still here not after they are gone.

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