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Senator Marco Rubio: Listen to the people who are affected by Immigration Reform


Tell Sen. Rubio that these are essential components of a successful comprehensive reform bill.

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U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Sen. Rubio’s recent statement that the White House proposal was “Dead on Arrival” signals that he is unwilling to consider all points of view.
He should take into consideration what working class immigrants know will be crucial for an effective and long term solution to reform the broken immigration system.
That should be the goal of the gang of 8 and we are counting on Sen. Rubio to bring the community’s needs to the table.
We cannot play politics with the fate of 11 million people. Senator Rubio needs to hear from you that a fair and workable bill must include:
1. "The "Dream Act," as well as "Ag Jobs" must be handled as an integral part of Immigration Reform and not as separate issues.
2. In order for Immigrants to learn English, American history and culture the bill should include the necessary resources.
3. The bill should include an immediate moratorium on deportations and the destructive practice of separating families.
4. The Reunification of families should be a priority. Where one or both parents have been deported, the bill should allow a return to apply for legal permanent residence.
5. Programs such as 287(g) and "Secure Communities" conflict with the goal of comprehensive reform and should be repealed.
6. Providing for permanent residence status / "green card" must also provide a path to citizenship.
7. Excessive fines and other kinds of administrative actions must not be used to punish or exclude applicants.
8. Expand the number of visas issued yearly to match the needs of business.
9. Expand the visa caps to eliminate the 20 year backlog for families to reunite.
Tell Sen. Rubio that these are essential components of a successful comprehensive reform bill.

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