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Host an in-person town hall and meet with your constituents

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As legislation and new policies are being proposed, many citizens want to make sure that their voices are being heard so that their interests can be properly represented in Congress. 

Americans are concerned about a President and White House under FBI investigation. The President has given his 36 year old son-in-law many new responsibilities for our government, and Americans are concerned about Jared Kushner's lack of experience, as well as his unknown financial ties to foreign governments.

The American people recently learned of an undisclosed meeting between Jared Kushner and a known KBG Agent running a Russian Bank (VEB) in New York in December 2016. And we are concerned about why Mr. Kushner failed to disclose this meeting given the exposure of the Russian investigation into our election, as well as into the Trump campaign.

Additionally, given the amount of power the President has given Jared Kushner, Americans are concerned as to the lack of any vetting of Mr. Kushner. It was recently learned Mr. Kushner sat in on a NSC Principal Meeting.

Throughout this we have not heard from our Senator. He remains silent on what is occurring in the White House, and seems more concerned about the Republican Party pushing through its agenda while ignoring the serious nature of an espionage investigation of our President and his White House.

And as his constituents we are confused as to Senator Rubio's statement during the campaign when he spoke about candidate Clinton being under FBI investigation, and yet he has displayed no concerns about our sitting President being under his own FBI investigation. 

Is Senator Rubio ignoring his constituents because he recently won re-election and feels he can hide for the next 6 years from the voters in his district?

Recent media reports show that many Members of Congress are deciding to forgo a local town hall during the next Congressional recess, leaving their communities and constituents who elected them in the dark on issues affecting their lives.

These meetings provide an important and transparent way to have honest and productive dialogue about the issues that affect our lives and communities.

Sign this petition urging Senator Marco Rubio to keep his constituents informed amid a time of political change by hosting an in-person town hall during Congressional recess. 

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