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We need commence gun control now, including the following:

* Restrict and regulate civilian ownership of weapons designed for warfare, including assault weapons.
* Assess thorough psychological tests and background checks before acquiring any sort of arsenal.
* Close the gun show loophole.
* Limit high capacity ammunition magazines.
* Create certificates of ownership for firearms, similar to automobiles, which should be governed by similar regulations, including the need for training, testing, and insurance.

We are asking people to come together in the wake of yet, another one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history, and to stand up to the NRA by calling for an end to senseless gun violence. Marco Rubio has accepted $3.3 million from the NRA. This money should be donated towards the families affected by this tragedy rather than for Rubio to stay silent and continue to support gun rights.

Believe it or not, his actions have played a role in the tragedy that recently transpired. The events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has ranked as one of the most deadliest school shootings in the country’s history. So while Rubio – who earned an A+ from the NRA – is busy trying to avert attention from the real issue at stake, people have centralized in on the hypocrisy of his comments.

Parkland. Sandy Hook. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sutherland Springs. Las Vegas. Aurora. How many more innocent victims must die at the hands of an anachronistic and misconceived amendment?

Enough. It's time to say that thoughts and prayers are no longer enough in the face of gun-related tragedies. We need meaningful action. As youths living in the 21st century, we must speak the truth and refuse to be silenced by fear in the wake of this tragedy. We are the generation that must act accordingly to strive for a better and safer future.

Assault weapons and all weapons of war must be regulated and managed more meticulously and conscientiously. We simply cannot fast track the use of silencers or allow public access to armor-piercing ammunition. Mandatory wait periods should be enforced, during which time a thorough background check, psychological and medical evaluation, and character references should be assessed. Gun show loopholes must be stopped. Ammunition should not be sold online.

More accountability should be placed in the hands of retailers. When patrons refuse wait periods, authorities should be notified. Training and testing should be mandatory, as should a renewal process that includes many of the above-mentioned evaluation terms. 

I would hope that we could all agree to submit ourselves to these terms. Currently, it's easier to go to a gun show and pick up a firearm than it is to obtain birth control. Acquiring and owning a gun should be at least as controlled as getting a license to drive a car.

Rubio, you have the power to help us make the difference that will prevent future mindless tragedies and the citizens that you represent safe.

Gun control alone is not the whole of the solution, but it's a start. And if it saves one sweet life, it's worth it.

Please help us to cease gun violence together!

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