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Earth Action, along with other grassroots organizations, have been working for years gathering petition signatures and educating the public on the environmental impacts associated with offshore and onshore drilling and exploration, including seismic testing, while encouraging the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources at both at State and Federal levels. We are asking that you join us in Defending the Gulf!

Historically, the State of Florida has been exempt from offshore drilling due to the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006 that placed a moratorium on drilling in certain areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Now the current administration wants to open up Florida waters to drilling and we say NO!! And here's why:

Florida's economy depends on a vibrant and sustainable environmental community. Oil and gas exploration and drilling causes not just adverse impacts offshore, but onshore as well with the construction of support infrastructure such as roads, pipelines, refineries and the like. We don't want these impacts to our waters or on our land!

Florida is the Sunshine State and should therefore rely on solar (and wind where applicable) as our main energy source. It's now time for all of to transition to renewable energy sources, including transitioning fossil fuel workers into another industry. Florida will not serve as a sacrifice zone for the rest of the nation or world as a supplier of oil. 

Floridians love our beaches, marshes, rivers, tidal areas, all of our coastal areas. We will not allow the destruction of our beautiful coastal environment to be adversely impacted by offshore drilling. We will Defend the Gulf and we start by saying NO to drilling off the coast of Florida!!!