Convince Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to become Independents.

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With the retirement of Justice Kennedy, there is a good chance we will end up with a right wing ideologue as the next justice and we can say goodbye to a Woman's Right to Choose, Marriage Equality, Voting Rights, Civil Rights, and a whole host of other rights that the vast majority of Ameircans cherish.

There is one way to avoid this from happening, and ensure that a moderate centrist judge is nominated to the Supreme Court.

If Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski will switch their affiliation from Republican to Independent, then the breakdown in the Senate would be 49 Republicans and 47 Democrats with two other Independents (Bernie Sanders and Angus King) who caucus with the Dems. Essentially leaving a tied Senate, 49 to 49.

If Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski become independents, they will become, overnight, the most powerful politicians in the country. They can set the agenda. If Trump attempts to push through a justice who will take away a woman's right to choose, the two new independents can threaten to caucus with the Democrats and just like that, Mitch Mcconnell is out of a job and Chuck Schumer becomes the Majority Leader. That would be enough to force Trump to pick a more moderate choice. And if he doesn't, it would be enough to get Mcconnell to prevent an ideologue from getting a hearing, and if that doesn't work, then go ahead and caucus with the Democrats, who will become the majority, and they will prevent a right wing ideologue from getting confirmed. 

Senator Collin's fellow senator from Maine is already an independent. Angus King. So clearly Mainers have no problem having an independent Sentator. And if she switches and becomes the most powerful politician in the country, her constituents will be thrilled. 

Senator Murkowski won her 2010 election as a write in. She wasn't even the Republican nominee. She owes nothing to the Republican party. And her constituents have already shown that they don't care what her party affiliation is, they will still vote for her. 

So both Senators will be rewarded at the ballot box with this move and at the same time, they can push the Republican party to a more centrist position on just about any issue they choose. 

So please, Senators Collins and Murkowski. For the good of the country, it's time to leave the Republicans. They have already left you anyway. Time to become independents and save us all.