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Lisa Wong/Rosario's Deserves A Fair Shake

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Lisa Wong/Rosario's Deserves A Fair Shake

What Went Wrong?


I'm Lisa Wong owner of Rosario's Mexican Café y Cantina which anchors the King William neighborhood on the corner of Alamo and  St Marys.


About a month ago I was pleased to submit a bid to purchase the building that once housed the Texas highway Patrol Museum, located directly across the street from my current location.

Opened in 2004 the museum's vision to help raise funds for the widows and orphans of fallen state troopers was a noble one, however , earlier this year the State of Texas was forced to shut it down due to alleged financial improprieties and mismanagement.   

For the last 20 years I've been part of this neighborhood's growth and development and been fortunate to grow with it.

Over the last few years I've been in search of a larger facility and new home with plenty of parking for Rosario's. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the Texas Highway Patrol Museum property I immediately made an offer of the full asking price.


I have been in contact with the Trustee since April 2012 expressing my desire to purchase this property.  As many of you are aware,  given the article in the San Antonio Express News, a decision was made to accept  a bid that was below asking price versus my full price offer.  This decision has left me, along with my realtor and attorneys, with many  unanswered  questions.  No one has been able to clearly communicate what drove the decision to accept a lower than asking price  bid.


This is why I'm asking  for your support to help me move all those involved in this decision to commit to revealing what, in fact, transpired.  I'm requesting  full disclosure and transparency  on what drove the outcome to sell the property to a local developer for $1.6 M versus my full offer of $1.69M.  As a small business owner, I'm asking for a fair shake and clear answers from the state-appointed trustee Mr. Johnson.   Yesterday, I authorized my attorney to file a legal motion to challenge the sale  allowing time for an investigation on the how this matter was handled.

 If you agree and feel I have the right to answers and a fair investigation, please join my plea to the state by signing this petition and asking the Attorney General Greg Abbott to review this bid process.

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