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We, the undersigned, support Senator Lynn Beyak in her desire to address the place of aboriginal people in Canada. We deplore the harms that were done in residential schools. We believe that the truth is best served when history is not shaped to serve an agenda. Both the good and the bad should be spoken.

We believe that shutting down a difficult conversation by labeling people as racists and threatening hate-crimes prosecution is contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and indicative of a weak position which cannot bear examination.

We believe that people of every ethnicity are equal, and we decry any policy that prefers one ethnicity above another.

We ask that Canadian citizens be consulted on a path forward for the aboriginal people regarding the reservation system and any financial incentives they receive that are linked to preserving their cultures and making reparations for past injustices.

We express our appreciation and support for aboriginal people who eschew a culture of victimhood and group guilt and who have taken steps to improve their own lives.

We express concern over the banning of ideas, regardless of whether they hurt peoples' feelings or how inelegantly they are stated, and we call upon politicians to include every voice in the discussion of a path forward that leads to responsibility and dignity for Canadian citizens of every ethnicity.

We believe that this discussion is necessary because if money would have solved the problems of aboriginal people, they would have been solved already.

We believe that the disproportionately high rate of criminal activity and victimization by criminal activity among aboriginal people demands a new approach implemented with deliberate speed.

We believe that the effectiveness of programs must be judged, not by political correctness, but by evidence-based measurements.

We are thankful for Senator Lynn Beyak's courage to speak these truths and to give a voice to those who speak these truths.

Respectfully submitted,


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