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Senator Lamar Alexander: Vote YES on ENDA (S.815), don't weaken transgender protections

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act is important to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Tennesseans who often face job discrimination but lack protections at the state level.  Sen. Alexander is getting a lot of pressure from far Right groups who think he is not doing enough to stop ENDA.  He's hearing their voices so he needs to hear our voices.  Sen. Alexander indicated in July that he may file amendments to the bill to weaken transgender protections.  The bill may come before the full Senate in September.

Letter to
Senator Lamar Alexander
Dear Senator Alexander: Please, vote YES on ENDA (S.815) and don't weaken the transgender protections in the bill through amendments. Many private employers in Tennessee already do what ENDA embodies and increasingly local governments in Tennessee such as Metro Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, and Knox County protect their own government employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. These protections are becoming mainstream.

Please, don't weaken the protections for transgender workers in the bill through amendments when the bill comes before the full Senate. The transgender community often faces violence and discrimination. Let's work together for a country in which everyone who wants to find a good can do so.

Thank you for considering my views.

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