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Senator Lamar Alexander: Vote down ANSI amendment on S761


We have until Tuesday, May 7 to tell the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to oppose any amendment to the Shaheen-Portman Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act that would arbitrarily ban the federal government from using effective, proven green building programs like the LEED green building rating system.


Single-issue special interests are lobbying to advance an unprecedented amendment that would jeopardize the government’s ability to save energy, water, and taxpayers’ money by banning LEED from use in federal projects. The amendment would mandate that green building rating systems be American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-certified for all federal projects. Not only would this action effectively ban LEED but it would also exclude many widely used systems such as many codes developed by the International Code Council (ICC).

We’ve seen this type of thing before.

Please join us in opposition to this hostile amendment and tell Congress to oppose any anti-green building amendment that will cost taxpayer dollars, waste resources, and undermine the government’s ability to lead on green building. Your leadership is needed.

Sign our petition to tell Senator Alexander to stand up for better, healthier buildings!


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