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Women across the world have disparate access to basic medical care, especially in under-resourced countries. One of the most pressing healthcare issues is entirely preventable and treatable—cervical cancer. Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources such as preventative HPV vaccines and diagnostic Pap smear tests, women around the world are dying preventable deaths.


Make our U.S. senators aware of the power of HPV vaccines and Pap smear tests. If we can inspire an audience through this platform to show our support, we can make it easier for our political leaders to keep us on their radar.

Vaccines have been the best solution for preventable diseases. They are undisputedly effective. 194 countries have endorsed the Global Vaccine Action Plan, resulting in the prevention of 2-3 million deaths every year.

Jill, Hunter, and Mani.

Together, those three names do not carry much weight. We need your name behind ours, because we all carry the weight of improving global health.

Our Story

CCAP Across the Map is a women-led, student-organized, and community-oriented 501(c)(3) focused on researching medical supply access and distribution issues and bringing healthcare professionals together for one cause: making sure everyone everywhere can easily access preventative measures and diagnostic technology.

But, our story started from something smaller—cervical cancer awareness and prevention (CCAP). Our co-founders, Jill Leaver (ASU ’21) and Hunter Ackerley (Arizona ’21), were astonished when they learned women were dying preventable deaths around the world.

By the summer of 2017, Jill and Hunter co-founded CCAP Across the Map to provide women in under-resourced countries with medical supplies.

They wanted to provide HPV vaccines and Pap smear tests to under-resourced countries as their line of defense against the rising cervical cancer epidemic. Jill and Hunter have been told by too many that their goals are too lofty or too ambitious, and those people are 100% correct. But, in our eyes, excuses are never a reason to stop; excuses are always a reason to keep going.