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TO: US Senators calling for Al Franken’s resignation

Your stand against sexual harassment is commendable, but your call for Franken to resign will perpetuate the problem, not correct it. As long as the only options for men who have acted this way are to resign (Conyers) or be fired (Weinstein) they will resort to denial (Roy Moore) and continue the same behavior (Trump).

The solution is a program of “rehabilitation” with psychological counseling to develop new social skills, community service for agencies which support victims of sexual misbehavior, and, in the case of Franken, hosting town halls throughout his state to discuss the problem openly and repair the damage to his constituents. Alcoholics and drug addicts go through rehab without losing their jobs.

Franken has been a great Senator but his acts of misbehavior cannot be tolerated. But let’s separate the sin from the sinner. Instead of forcing Franken to resign, let him make amends for his past and go through a program of rehabilitation to become a more effective member of society and the US Senate.

Let’s give Franken a chance to become the poster boy for rehabilitation, and a role model for men everywhere to see how they can correct their misbehavior and move on with their lives without losing everything they have worked for.

I have been a political consultant for Democratic candidates and progressive issues in California for 45 years. I have always preferred women for elected officials and candidates, and for employers, colleagues and employees. I have never committed sexual harassment, but it wasn’t until I had to fire men (close friends) for such behavior that I realized flirting and practical jokes to a man in the workplace are sexual harassment to a woman.

Will you please rescind your call for Franken to resign before he does, and then create a program of rehabilitation which will serve as a model to the entire country of how to get a man to correct this behavior and also repair the damage he has done to the women he offended?

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