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Senator John McCain * Change Animal Rights Laws* Implement No Kill Sanctuaries Nation Wide*

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Animals Are  Abused By Owners & Some Shelter Workers * Neglected* Abandoned* Unwanted Pets Dumped By The Thousands Daily* Only 10 % Are Saved* These Issues Need To Be Addressed:  2014.....
1. Spay/Neuter Laws Passed
2. Puppy Mills, Breeders Stopped
3. Stop Breed Specification
4. Ban Gas Chambers & Heart Stick Killing
5. Empty shelters
6. No Animal Killed
7. Live Their Lives Out In Sanctuaries
8. No Animal Left Behind
9. Strong Abuse Punishments
10. End To Dog Fighting
11. Pet "Owner " Changed To Pet "Guardian"
12. Laws Changed So That Pets Are Not Viewed As Property
13. Animal Abuse Registry
14. Ban The Sales Of Pets Sold IN Stores
15. The Next Generation *TAUGHT * To Love & Respect Animals
16. Everyone  Love & Respect (ANIMAL RIGHTS)
17. People Stop Ignoring The Problem And Do Something About It!!

When you see suffering, or evil in this world, there is no neutral ground *Do what you can to stop it *We Need New Laws To Stop This Craziness! We Are a Huge Network Of Animal Lovers Working 24/7 * 365 Days & Nights A Year  Posting Shelter Animals & 90% Never Make It Out *They Are Killed* We Can't Spend Our Lives Saving 10 % Of Our Beautiful Shelter Animals Constantly Cleaning Up The Messes Made By Irresponsible & greedy People On A daily basis *They Dump Their Unwanted Pets & Use Lame excuses People Need Laws To Follow & Education About Animals *To Teach The Next Generation Love & Respect For Animals & ANIMALS RIGHTS* PERPETRATORS WILL RECEIVE SEVERE PUNISHMENT *No Animal Will Be Left Behind* People Will Be Screened Thoroughly Before They Can Adopt Pets *ONLY NO KILL SANCTUARIES WILL EXIST *There Will Be NO PETS KILLED *Seniors & Pets That Can't Be Placed Will Live Out Their Lives In These Clean Environments In ALL STATES WITH NO FEAR *All Employees Will Be Screened *Drug Tested* Background Checks* Anger Management* Mandatory Dog Training Classes To Help Dogs Gain Trust In Humans Again!! *The Money To Pay For These Costs Will Come from Our Tax $ + Donations* It Is Much Better To Give Donations To Happy Healthy Animals Than Sick & Abused Animals *We Need New ANIMAL PROTECTION & RIGHTS LAWS IMPLEMENTED* These Sanctuaries Will Be Monitored & Inspected *
With the continued slaughter of our companion pets, totaling 2.7 MILLION HEALTHY dogs, and cats, every YEAR that's one every 11 SECONDS, we cannot sit idly by and allow this to continue to happen, in what is supposed to be a civilized society.
There is an alternative to the violent act of killing *Nathan Winograd and the No Kill Advocacy Center have proven that the NO KILL EQUATION works And it's cheaper than the old, antiquated way of killing!
If everyone would take on their own community where they live this whole nation can go No Kill!    IT STARTS WITH YOU!
From the words of the leader of the No Kill movement in America, Nathan Winograd:
We have a choice We can fully completely and without reservation embrace No Kill as our future, Or we can continue to legitimize the two-pronged strategy of failure adopt a few and kill the rest It is a choice which history has thrown upon us
We are the generation that questioned the killing *We are the generation that has discovered how to stop it*  Will we be the generation that does?
Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great *We can be that great generation *TO BUILD A NO KILL NATION * My Proposal Will Save Hundresds Of Thousands Of Dollars * There Won't Be Any More Donations Used For Medical Expenses For Animals That Are Abused, Neglected, Abandoned, Rescued From Hoarder Situations..etc...We Will See Our Tax $$$ Put To Work + Our Supporters Donations For Happy* Healthy & Well Cared For Animals* That Is As It should Be*


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