Taking Back Our Country And Our Constitutional Rights

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We the people,  one of the strongest statements made in the Constitution of the United States Of America and laying out the Bill Of Rights. The first amendment giving us freedom of speech. Which in the hostile political environment of today, seems to give way to one party believing that only their speech matters. As conservatives in the United States today ,we are being silenced, banned and punished by social media outlets and platforms. And the second amendment, which gives us the right to bear arms, that shall not be infringed upon. Yet, in today's hostile political environment, where a minority of the people scream for gun control at every tragedy, the majority of the people are now using the first amendment right to speak out for our second amendment rights. While many in the majority do not care to own bump stocks, that is a right provided to those that do want to own bump stocks, that is being infringed upon. As well as limiting the capacity size of ammunition clips for our guns. And now, even rhetoric that speaks of raising the age limit to purchase or own firearms from eighteen to twenty one. Well "We The People" say NO! No, the politicians that we employ will not allow the minority, or those who are calling for any gun control measures based on emotions. There will be no more watering down of our Constitutional rights. You will not take our eighteen year old men and women to fight your war's, and then deny them the very rights they fight for. No more! We are tired as Christians, of being manipulated and targeted for our faith and religious beliefs. While lawsuit after lawsuit is made against Christians, and the courts rule against the Christians. Where there could be lawsuit after lawsuit against other religions for refusing service because it would be against their religious beliefs,  but we don’t have that. Because the majority of Americans aren't abusing the courts for monetary gain and publicity. "We The People", the silent majority, that will be a red wave rising in the 2018 midterm elections,  are telling you,  our government employees,  that we have had enough!  We will not comply to any watering down of our Constitutional Rights. We further agree, that all law enforcement agencies, court appointed/elected authority, local, state and federal government officials,  should be natural born citizens of the U.S, born of two American born parents. No more naturalized citizens should be taking seats in authority positions and law making positions. This is to stop the progression of foreign policy/religious agendas from being pushed unwarranted and undesired upon the values of American Citizens. Furthermore,  as DACA was an unconstitutional executive order by former president Barack Obama,  "We The People" do not accept any preferential path to citizenship being implemented. The people and the parents of the people,  must be deported by the letter of the law.  We expect our duly elected officials and our duly elected president and vice-president to do the jobs and conduct business on behalf of the citizens that voted for you, based on your words, that you would uphold the Constitution. That you would hold people who are corrupt, breaking the law, to the same letter of the law that an American citizen would be held to. We furthermore request that all historical statues be put back in their rightful places, as statues are history and inanimate objects incapable of harming or creating feelings. The majority of the American people, have had enough of our rights, freedom, religion and history stomped on. And we are sending this petition to tell you that you need to make things right. No more identity politics. We also demand a balanced budget before January 1, 2019. We stand with Rand Paul on the budget. Sincerely We The People