Senator Joe Donnelly must oppose Trump nominee to replace Justice Kennedy

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Dear Senator Donnelly:
As your supporters and as activists, we are writing to tell you that to us it is a matter of the utmost importance that you vote against the confirmation of President Trump’s likely nomination of a right winger to replace Anthony Kennedy.

As Public Citizen put it:

Americans cannot and will not tolerate a pick who will create a majority to:

• take away a woman’s right to control her body;
• backtrack on marriage equality and the rights of LGBTQIA people;
• enable racist policy;
• empower corporations to cheat and injure consumers through fabricated doctrines of immunity;
• twist the First Amendment into a tool to protect corporations from regulatory controls;
• eviscerate our democracy by undermining voting rights or further empowering the superrich to dominate our elections;
• reflexively side with Donald Trump in the legal issues regarding potential obstruction of justice or related matters that may very well land at the Supreme Court.

We were shocked when you voted to confirm Justice Gorsuch, thereby rewarding Republicans for blocking President Obama’s outstanding nominee, Merrick Garland. Justice Gorsuch has turned out to be an extremist who was not worthy of your support.

The New York Times notes that Democratic Senators in states carried by President Trump will be under intense pressure to support Trump’s nominee. But we are sure you agree that is not sufficient reason to cast a vote that could change this country in dire ways.
We respectfully inform you that if you vote for Trump’s nominee this fall, we will be unable to vote for you in the November election, even though we know this may result in the victory of your opponent, whom we deplore. We hope you will take this as it is intended, as a statement of the utmost gravity of this matter.
With best wishes,/ Very respectfully yours,