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Royal Commision only into Veterans Suicide

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The recently proposed national performance audit on the Department of Veterans Affairs' by the independent Australian National Audit Office is a sell out, and inevitably will come at the cost of the Royal Commission that many have been fighting and advocating for a number of years.

This is clearly some sort of ill advised, or schemed compromise against the known want of the masses, sure the public want results and who's to know if the Audit or Royal Commision is the better option. But has anyone ever seen the day to day learnings of anything the Australian National Audit Office splashed over the front pages of the media, let alone the results an Audit achieved?

Far too many veterans have committed suicide over recent years for DVA not to be in some way, shape or form responsible. If the deaths of 4 young Australians can trigger a Pink Batt Royal Commission, then without questions the deaths of 400 odd certainly can. Even if it totally exonerates DVA, it is obtuse to believe a Royal Commission is not the appropriate vehicle and forum for discovery and decision.

The deficiencies with DVA are well known, there would be few exservicewoman or exserviceman that do not have a peer that have not been put through unwarranted tial at DVA. It might be a bold statement, however I feel the veteran community want not only correction of wrong, but also accountability for wrong, and the question must be asked if the audit process can effectively achieve this.

Food for thought, 50% of claims that go before the Veterans Review Board are varied, if nothing else this is a fluro red flag that something is intrinsically, and evidently wrong at the Department. 

The undersigned therefore petition the government to shelve the proposed "Audit" and move forward with a Royal Commision into DVA.

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