URGENT - Military Families in Unhealthy, Substandard Base Housing Managed by PPV's

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Help! Military Families living in base housing demand an immediate investigation into Public Private Ventures (PPV's), hired to operate military housing on bases across the country and the DOD's lack of oversight in monitoring them. In shockingly increasing numbers, families are living in mold infestations, with lead hazards, water they can't use, asbestos and other hazardous issues. Even more shocking, many of these issues have been known and documented for years and nothing has been done, even after several investigations and lawsuits! It still continues! No more! PPV's are lying, covering it up, pressure washing and painting over the moldy walls!  Everyday, unsuspecting family, after unsuspecting family, is moved into a home with known issues.

Over and over, countless issues are not being remedied and continue to fester. PPV's hope the next tenants will not notice. When residents complain, they often feel they are being intimidated by the PPV, causing them to be fearful to act. The PPV knows families do not have a voice. The PPV's know there is no ACCOUNTABILITY. The PPV's know they can CHRONICALLY ABUSE military families to line their corporate pockets. Families are consistently meeting dead ends when trying to get help. Military housing representatives are often unhelpful and commands have told families to not talk or post about their issues. This is unacceptable!!

Do you have housing issues or know someone who does? Have you had an experience like those mentioned above? Are work orders you submitted closed without ever being fixed?

Please share the petition! Please comment with why you are signing, and share your story. You have a voice here!! Together we can make change! You can also contact us at: helpmilitaryfamiliesnow@gmail.com. We are happy to help connect you with resources. 

What do we want: CHANGE ASAP! Our health and WELL BEING DEPENDS ON IT!

1) Families and service members deserve to live in clean, maintained homes that do not cause health issues. For many, this is their only option for housing. It should not be poisoning them. We need a military advocate. There are too many complaints of current advocates, not doing their jobs and protecting the PPV's.

2) We want PPV's monitored (as originally outlined by their contracts) and contracts rescinded, if they are not meeting their obligations and/or are abusing families! PPV's should not be allowed to operate with no oversight. Because most base housing is on federal land, health code laws, etc., do not apply and leave families with no recourse. Local laws and health codes are rarely enforced, and our military reps rarely help us. We will stand alone no longer!!

3) PPV'S are responsible for the upkeep and modernization of these homes as outlined per their military agreement. That means that they are tasked with completing work orders FULLY and COMPLETELY in a timely manner. However, residents frequently complain about submitting work orders where the work is never completed and the job is marked as closed. Then residents are asked to fill out anonymous surveys, to comment on said work and later find out that their complaints were never anonymous after all. It's time for these surveys to stop being the voice of the families that have so much more to say!!

4) We want military medical installations to immediately put out notice recognizing housing has issues that are making people ill. All medical counterparts, need to be notified officially that our housing has issues, whether it be mold, lead, asbestos, etc., so  families can get the medical support they need. Most of us affected, are finding military doctors refuse to help and tricare coverage is difficult to get approved for the testing we need to be diagnosed. It should not take years to get help. We should not have to pay out of our own pocket to get help. 

5) We demand that base commands and military members of authority step in to act when receiving news of housing concerns. The health of our military members and their families creates an immediate readiness issue. It would be wise of military command to not only acknowledge these issues, but to address them immediately!

6) We want answers as to why DOD investigations have known about these issues for years, and have allowed PPV's to operate continually with no corrections or consequences for their lack of maintenance and ability to ensure safe living conditions. 

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