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Petitioning Senator Harry Reid, and Speaker John Boehner

Senator Harry Reid, and Speaker John Boehner: Businesses; 99+ wrkrs Brd of Dir 1/3 wrkrs 1/3 ownrs 1/3 conties

We live under the dictatorship of the rich and their corporations. Unless we get economic democracy, we will lose political democracy. This is foretold by the Judeo-Christian Scripture, Revelation 16:19, which says:

"There was a great earthquake, such as had never been seen before, nor will be seen again, and the Great City Babylon [the interlocking corporate Boards of Directors of big corporations, which have imposed pro-rich central planning on us since the 1920's] fell into three parts, and the cities of the nations also fell"

Congress has the power to do this under ART. IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution.

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  • Senator Harry Reid, and Speaker John Boehner

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