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Muslim Childcare Scam Oz Funds Go to Terrorist Groups OS & support luxury lifestyle in Oz

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Demand Royal Commission into Childcare Grant Money Scammed by Muslims in Australia.  For several years the Australian Government through either it's owns stupidity or blatant laziness or entrenched corrupt parliamentarians have "permitted" the funding of overseas known terrorist groups. They have enabled this funding by offering Federal Government funded schemes such as the Family Day Care Funding also known as Child Care Funding also known as Grandparent Child Minding Funding and various other sub groups of this business model to flourish for many Muslims in Australia. There are a number of setups created by Muslims to gain these funds illegally. The most prominent which is shown by recent media is child swapping but there are other business structures yet to be discovered by the authorities such as falsifying or creating new birth records.

You may ask how such massive amounts of money, hundreds of millions in fact can leave our Australian shores and find their way to known terrorist organisations overseas ? The answer is AUSTRAC does "not" monitor, audit or regulate any Arab Banks in Australia. This was confirmed by AUSTRAC in 2014 during a phone conversation.

The other recent development that came up in the media this week starting Monday 15th August was that known criminals with a history of terrorist support and violence are actually allowed to hold a child day care license. In essence any criminal with terrorist links or convictions or warrants can hold a family day care license or similar for child minding as long as " they have no criminal convictions against children"

So if you think that these ludicrous displays of massive and unacceptable stupidity by the Australian Government are sufficient for you to be extremely disturbed about, we urge you to sign this petition and share it with your friends and family who are sick and tired of our Governments’ unforgivable actions of empowering and enabling the funding of overseas terrorists through their own Federal Government Funded Money.

How many bullets clearly marked with "paid for Australian Funded Child Care Scam Money" have killed our soldiers since this scam started ? Unacceptable on all counts all around the globe. Demand an Australian Royal Commission today into this shocking practice and put a stop to terrorists being funded by the Australian Government under their very noses.

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