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NXT - Grandfather existing 4 year rules for temporary and permanent visa holders at 20/4

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  • We note that NXT has already opposed the language changes in the house of representatives. 
  • We note that our preference is to reject bill in full, although this may not be politically acceptable to NXT which has sought in the past to amend bills rather than reject them in full.
  • We note that NXT has expressed concerns in article in the Guardian newspaper on 22 June on the retrospectivety of the changes changing the goal posts for many existing people as stated by Senator Griff. This was in reference to the plan to extend PR from one to four years. 
  • We note that there already is a four year residence requirement for temporary and permanent residency combined. 
  • We note that no national security agency has recommended changes to existing four year rule. 
  • We understand that NXT may seek to agree a deal with the government to an amended citizenship bill as it has done for other bills. 

We encourage NXT to agree a clause that grandfathers the existing rules for temporary and permanent visa holders as at 20 April 2017. The new rules should only apply to new visa holders. 

  • The four year rule is the most common sited complaint in the senate submissions.  
  • People have planned their lives on the existing rules selling their houses and moving family to Australia. 
  • By changing the goal posts this may force people to immediately leave the country who contribute significantly to the South Australia and Australian economy. 
  • This is particularly the case with people with university age children who will be unable to afford full price university education as Commonwealth places will be restricted to citizens. They will be forced to return to their home countries due to economic hardship despite contributing tax over many years as temporary and permanent residents. 
  • Certain jobs where there is limited skills available are confined to citizens such as the Army, the ATO. 
  • We can't represent Australia in teams or in professional competitions. This makes it hard to integrate into the community.
  • Getting PR is difficult. That's why people start on temporary visas first. It usually takes 2-5 years on a temporary visa/s to get PR so it will take existing people 7-11 years after processing time to get citizenship, more than other countries. 
  • By grandfathering the rules for existing temporary and permanent visa holders as at 20 April 2017, this avoids all the retrospectivety and negative impacts above.
  • Obviously we would prefer the new four year PR rules are not brought in and existing rules applied. But at least these rules would not be retrospective for new visa holders. So they can plan appropriately. Grandfathering can act as a fair compromise. 

NXT come out as king makers whilst protecting SA and Australian economy by agreeing a grandfathering amendment. 

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