Please say "No" to granting refugees asylum in Jersey

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As the woman in the niqab at the recent debate held at the Town Hall, I beg Senator Gorst and his fellow States members to retract their decision to consider granting asylum to 5-6 families of refugees and, instead, to continue to assist these poor people through the proper channels, ie overseas aid. Jersey, at present, does not have the legislation to grant asylum to anyone and we are under no obligation to blindly follow the UK where surely it is quite clear that multi-culturalism is simply not working. Jersey has its own problems, lack of affordable housing, unemployment and people struggling just to make ends meet. Let's not forget the recent financial attacks on our poor pensioners, deprived of their Christmas bonus and free tv licences, the decision not to grant any additional funding towards the further education of our young people and the proposed new taxes and cuts to our public services.......yet Senator Gorst and co are happy to consider a further drain on the tax payer which will surely cost tens of millions of pounds per annum for the foreseeable future if not longer. In addition to the financial burden there is the potential threat to our safety, one only needs to pick up a newspaper or turn on the tv to see the wave of young men marching through Europe determined to get to what they determine as wealthy countries like Britain who are 'happy' to support them whilst they slowly, but surely, irrevocably erode our culture and way of life for ever .......just say a resounding "NO"

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