DEFEND Retaining Ellwood City Borough Electric Fund Transfer!

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State legislation affecting ONLY Elwood City impacts YOU!  Due to the rapid advance  of (State House Bill) HB2030 that was recently passed by the State House of Representatives which restricts the use of Ellwood City finances, your immediate action to oppose HB2030 is needed! 

Spearheaded by first term State Representative Aaron Bernstine, often with misleading information, this legislation will devastate the quality of life for residents in Ellwood City and the surrounding communities while no other municipalities statewide who exercise their right to collect electric fund monies are included in this action.  

The change will affect ALL borough residents whose property taxes may dramatically increase, may cause loss of vital services, such as 24-hour police and fire protection, may decrease the quality of life by lessening recreational services/activities, or all of the above.  It will force Ellwood City Borough to find alternative sources to recoup over $1.45 million dollars transferred annually from the Electric Fund. The loss of that $1.45 million dollars affects all area residents as Ellwood City serves as the hub of many activities including but not limited to a swimming pool, parades, festivals, etc.

Personal phone calls by all Borough residents, especially property owners, to Senator Vogel's office at 724-774-0444, and also emails to, as well as signing petitions to support the defeat of this Bill will be the most effective course of action.  However, the time is NOW to exercise either or all of the options presented before the bill is introduced to the Senate in the next few weeks. EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO BE HEARD!   DO NOT DELAY!

We are deeply concerned with the immediate catastrophic outcome of this issue.  We, the citizens, taxpayers, and electric rate payers, support Resolution #2018-4 adopted by Ellwood City Borough Council on April 16, 2018 that opposes House Bill 1405 and House Bill 2030 and ask Senator Elder Vogel to oppose HB2030 which only applies to Ellwood City.

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