John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act: SB4263

John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act: SB4263

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Started by Chicago ABSW PAC

We are extremely concerned that our democracy is at stake, with many states passing state laws that violate African Americans' voting rights and others in our country. The federal government must protect and ensure that all voting-age citizens have full voting rights protections.

The Voting Rights Advancement Act includes the following key sections:
1. Help plaintiffs to seek injunctive relief for voting rights violations
in the lead-up to an election
2. Allows federal courts to immediately halt questionable voting
practices until a final ruling is made.
3. The process for reviewing changes in voting is limited to a certain
set of circumstances, such as establishing photo ID laws or
reducing multilingual voting materials, which have been shown to
have a discriminatory impact.
4. The bill will take into account the Shelby ruling and update the
VRA pre-clearance provision to focus on states with a recent
history of discrimination.

As my Senator, I urge you to make this bill a priority via both word and deed immediately. I need to hear you declare urgency in an emergent tone or act that makes this Bill a top agenda item in the memory of a man who fought tirelessly for inclusivity and the democratic principles of this country.

I encourage you to implement all legislative strategies to ensure that the John Lewis Bill (S.4263) comes to the floor of the Senate for a vote and its passage. I also understand that the filibuster is a hindrance to the bill. I propose that you eliminate the possibility of its occurrence, even if it is for a one-time vote as an emergency item on your agenda.

41 have signed. Let’s get to 50!