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Senator Dianne Feinstein: Submit a Private Bill and STOP the deportation of Maria Mendoza-Sanchez

Maria Guadalupe Mendoza-Sanchez (A#095-592-618) is a nursing student from Oakland, California and a caring mother of 4 children who are U.S. Citizens. She and her husband Eusebio Sanchez-Mejia (A#095-592-617) are scheduled to be deported on September 4th, 2013. Help us stop her deportation.

Maria came to the U.S. from Mexico in 1992, and has worked hard to make a good life for her family and give back to the community. Maria worked as a housekeeper, and put herself through school to be a Certified Nursing Assistant and then a Licensed Vocational Nurse. She has been working as a nurse at Alameda Hospital, is currently continuing to pursue her education at Holy Names University in Oakland, California, where she is one semester away from achieving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Maria and her husband Eusebio have spent the last 21 years living and raising a family in Oakland, California. They have raised 4 children who are U.S. citizens, and if she and her husband are deported, their family will be broken apart. If Maria is deported, her children will be forced to grow up without loving parents to support them.

Please urge Senator Dianne Feinstein to submit a private bill for Maria (A#095-592-618) so that she, Eusebio (A#095-592-617), Vianney, Elizabeth, Melin and Jesus and can keep their family together.

Letter to
Senator Dianne Feinstein
U.S. Senate
We, the undersigned, write to humbly request that you take action to immediately stop the deportation of Maria Guadalupe Mendoza-Sanchez (A#095-592-618) and Eusebio Sanchez-Mejia (A#095-592-617), scheduled for September 4th, 2013. Maria is a valued part of the Oakland community. She has lived here for the past 21 years, and is raising four children with her husband. Her children are U.S. Citizens. She works as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at Alameda Hospital, and is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She will be graduating with a nursing degree from Holy Names University in December 2013, but this dream will not come true if she is forced to leave the United States.

Maria and her husband have been denied prosecutorial discretion, even though they are clearly low-priority targets for removal by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as she has no criminal record, has strong ties to the community, is a caregiver, and has children with health issues, including a son with a congenital heart defect, and a daughter with speech and language disabilities.

If deported, Maria’s children will grow up without a mother and father nearby, or will be forced to move to a country that is not their home, giving up the life for which their parents have worked so hard, and the educational opportunities that await them. Maria is a caring mother, an integral part of the Oakland community, a nurse, and a person of good moral character.

We, the undersigned, urge you to take immediate action and support a Private Bill for Maria Guadalupe Mendoza-Sanchez (A#095-592-618) to stop her deportation, as she does not pose any threat to the safety of her community or this country, has contributed positively to her community over the past 21 years, and is actively supporting 4 U.S. citizen family members. Please submit a Private Bill for Maria (A#095-592-618) so that she, Eusebio, Vianney, Melin, Elizabeth and Jesus can keep their family together.

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