Say no to tolling on I-79 at the Bridgeville Interchange

Say no to tolling on I-79 at the Bridgeville Interchange

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Mandi Pryor started this petition to Senator Devlin Robinson and

Let's join together as a community to help stop the proposed tolling by PennDOT at the I-79 interchange. Senator Devlin Robinson and State Representatives Anita Kulik and Jason Ortitay will help get your voices get heard. 

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"The toll on I-79 is a tax.  There is never a good time to implement a new tax.  But in the middle of a recession caused by a global pandemic – now is especially not the time.  Especially to an area that is experiencing a workforce exodus.  The government should focus on getting the vaccine in peoples’ arms so they are driving again, going back to school and work and continuing on with their lives.  Then, the revenue from the gas tax will cover pre-pandemic budget shortfalls and a toll will not be necessary."

- Senator Devlin Robinson

"I am committed to doing everything possible to stop this tax.  This is not the time to impose more tax on our residents, workers and business owners who use this roadway to get to and from necessary daily tasks.  It is vitally important that PennDOT and the Governor's Office hear from residents and business owners on this subject."

- State Rep. Anita Kulik

“While I certainly support rehabilitation of this bridge and the additional improvements as almost 90,000 vehicles a day travel through this area, we must find an alternative way to fund this project.  .” -State Rep. Jason Ortitay

"While rehabbing aging bridges and re-configuring the interchange is of importance and should not be overlooked, the plan failed to show any consideration of the current plans to alleviate the traffic-swamped roadways along Route 50 and Washington Pike/Avenue and would likely reverse the years of work local legislators have dedicated to fixing the regions traffic problems."

-South West Communities Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director, Mandi Pryor

“The increased traffic and number of motorists who will now be traveling through Bridgeville using our local roadways will create dire consequences that will negatively affect the health, growth and sustainability of our community including: exacerbated traffic congestion, adding to unsafe conditions for pedestrians, degradation of our local roadways that already lack funding to be maintained, reduce property values, result in a lack of future development and investment, and will impose many negative environmental impacts resulting from increased idling of vehicles sitting in traffic.”

-Bridgeville Borough Councilman, Joe Verduci

"The financial burden this will have on our residents will be insurmountable. With recent rise in gas prices now adding a toll to use existing roads will be a huge loss to family incomes. " 

-Glenn Wells, Board President, South West Communities Chamber, Owner Single Source Benefits 

“The additional traffic congestion on Route 50 would have a detrimental impact on the revenues of the businesses in this area, as many residents would avoid shopping at these businesses because of the additional heavy traffic. This would cause many of these local retailers to suffer economically at a time when we should be doing everything to promote more business, not less."

Zen Piotrowski, CMIT Solutions South

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!