Tell Senator Gardner: Support America, not Putin-Trump

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Dear Senator Gardner.

It’s time to choose.  Will Congressional leaders support America or the Putin-Trump alliance against America? 

It isn’t enough to mouth platitudes about supporting our intelligence community and how we must wait for the results of the Mueller investigation.  The evidence of Trump’s shameful collusion with Putin was on full public display in Helsinki.  It’s time to act.  And although declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism is a good idea, it is not enough.

We are citizens from different political parties who have voted for different candidates.  But we stand united in support of American democratic values and against Putin’s war on those values.  We want to know what you intend to do to protect American democracy.  Specifically, will you actively support the following actions:

1.       Pressure Mitch McConnell to allow a vote for legislation already drafted to protect Mueller and Rosenstein from any attempt by Trump to fire them.

2.      Hold hearings on Trump’s financial ties to Russia and subpoena Trump’s tax return.

3.      Support additional sanctions against Russia, and force the Administration to enforce the sanctions already passed.

4.      Call on the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees to cease their attacks on the FBI and Rosenstein.

 We hope to hear from you soon, and expect not just a form letter but specific answers as to why you will or will not support the above actions.