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It is all fine and well to both have a philosophy and live by it. It is not acceptable to demand others pay for it.

The Greens/labour and now Labor light, the liberals, have sold out the population countess times to appease the snake oil salesmen pushing the climate change agenda. 

We are forced to pay taxes directly through what we buy and the power we use to prop up the renewables sector. All these subsidies collected go offshore to the foreign owners of these wind farms so in no way help the Australian economy. THAT IS A FACT.

These renewable energy power suppliers are in fact hurting our economy by driving jobs and industry off shore to countries with no regulations on emissions who buy our coal and burn it anyway.

Our birth right, of cheap abundant energy has been stripped away in the name of the religion known as climate alarmatism. (i made that word up but it should be adopted by websters soon).

Unfortunately, The religion of climate change, like all religions, dismisses scientific evidence and facts that contradict their beliefs.

Some of those facts are:

·        * That every computer model that has made predictions has been proven wrong.

·        *That no one can agree how much the climate has, or will change.

·         *And, That if climate change is happening at all, rather than a naturally occurring climate cycle, what percentage of that change has been caused by man?

Would you not want those 3 basic points proven, peer reviewed and documented before taxing a nation into the stone age?

Remember when Tim Flannery said that the dams will never fill again. Remember the desalinisation plants at all our major cities, which cost billions to build and now millions per year even though they are not turned on?

It’s a con. Nothing but Snake oil salesmen who’s funding relies on selling fear and hysteria to the gullible.  From  Al Gore with his “an inconvenient truth”, too Bill Nye the “alleged” science guy, who says that climate science is settled, but gender is fluid and those who disagree should be imprisoned.

What all individuals with an IQ above room temperature can agree upon, is that, the notion that politicians can control the environment, is up there with Alcomie as one of the stupidest ideas humanity has ever had.


What I propose is scrapping every ETS, carbon tax, and all other nonsense that cripples industry and choice. Because when you control a product and make the population purchase a certain item, private investment in research to better an industry ceases, as you have removed the essence of a capitalist system. E.g., if the USA mandated in the 1920’s that the only car people were allowed to buy was the model T, no other manufacturer would have entered the market, Henry ford could have sat back and we would still be driving 100 year old tech.

What we need to replace it with is ‘energy investment tax credits” to stimulate better technology, cleaner technology and drive competition in the sector.

How it would work. For ease of reading I will simplify the numbers.

If coal plant A currently uses 1 tonne of coal to produce 1 kwh of power and produces 100kg of carbon, we will call it tax credit neutral. The cost of each kwh produced is $10


Coal plant B used to use the same amount of coal, produce energy and carbon at the same rate, however, they invested in new cleaner burning technology and a long list of other things that may be developed into the future. 1 tone of coal now produces 1.5 kwh and only 80kg of carbon. The cost of producing 1kwh of power in plant B is now $7.


Immediately power plant B is 30% more profitable than power plant A. But here is the difference.


Using Plant A as the base line of an industry standard of coal to power produced ratio,

Under the “energy investment tax credits”, as well as the normal deductions claimed at the end of the year as all companies do, power plant B would get a credit towards its tax bill for: the energy produced per tone X carbon saved X a yet to be determined dollar amount . The basic formula ExCx$=??

so in this case, lets value the carbon at 10c per kg, energy produced 1.5kwh x 20kg carbon saved x $0.10= $3. (plant A would be 1kwh X 0kg X $0.10= $0.00)


The tax credit in this example would then knock another $3 per kwh of the production cost of energy making it 60% cheaper than plant A for plant B to on sell to retailers.


Then we let the consumers be the drivers for energy innovation by giving them their choice back. Consumers through their electricity retailers can then decide if they want power from plant A or B, or if they are greenies,  wind/solar energy etc. At which point they pay accordingly for their green ideology or not, whilst the rest of us get on with our own lives.


No more government subsidies for any of the industries. No more taxes on our national birthright of cheap abundant energy for industry and jobs to thrive. It is not up to government to control our beliefs or choice in products, or jam the populist ideology of the day down our throats. However it is appropriate for governments occasionally to produce policy that is the catalyst for new industry and innovation.

If you agree with this, please sign share and i will forward it directly to the 3 MP's listed.


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