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Trump Deports Hardworking Father of 4 Year Old

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Mohammed Mohsin has been in the United States for more than 18+ years. He came to New York after wanting to get away from the political chaos that came about in Bangladesh. He wanted to have a family here so that he could give a better life to his future children. For more than 10+ years, he's worked at the same convenience store. He works 6 days a week - 8AM to 6PM. Mohammed exemplifies the perfect example of what the American Dream is. He came from nothing - he brought nothing but a suitcase when he came to New York. He now has worked so diligently, that he now is able to support his family (his wife and 4 year old), provide food and shelter, and start saving for his daughter's future college education. 

Throughout the past 18+ years, Mohammed has never hid from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. He showed up to all court hearings, provided all documentation, complied with all rules enforced by the ICE. However, without warning, he was taken into custody on October 31st to be deported back to Bangladesh. Mohammed went to the court hearing because he always followed all the rules - he didn't want to hide anything. He was willing to comply with all rules, but then the country he called his home, ripped him away from his friends and family. He has a legal, valid working permit until January of 2018. He showed up to the hearing and was taken without even being able to say good bye to his family. How could he start a new life in Bangladesh - a place that isn't even his home anymore? Because of President Trump's stricter immigration laws, my uncle is being forced back to a country that is completely foreign to him after 18+ years. His daughter, Maesha asks everyday, "Where's daddy?" How do you explain to a 4 year old that her father was taken to a prison - with actual criminals - when he has done nothing wrong? Maesha would be possibly put into foster care when she has loving, hardworking parents to take care of her and love her. 

Mohammed's passport was taken from him in exchange for his working permit prior to this happening. How could the ICE expect Mohammed to leave when they had his passport? This was a trap. 

I'm begging you to please sign this petition to help advocate for Mohammed's release from the ICE custody. He is a hard working individual who has been denied the basic American right to be heard. I'm hoping that the representatives of New York will hear the Mohsin family out, and help us make the ICE understand that Mohammed is no criminal - he is just a hardworking father in hopes of the American Dream.

Thank you.

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