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This is a letter I have recently messaged to Chris Murphy and I am hoping that this will help me get my message even further to reach him.

Good afternoon Senator Murphy,

I have recently messaged Richard Blumenthal this certain topic however I feel you should also be involved considering you are also my senator. I wish to talk to you about LGBT safe sex classes in Connecticut. It has come to my attention that while we have laws protecting us LGBT members we are still limited by the educational system. Schools not just in Connecticut but all over the U.S. are told either to shame homosexuality, are given the wrong information on it, or they just don't bring it up. This is an issue that must not be taken lightly. If we wish to become more equal as a whole we must include all people of any sexuality. By not teaching a gay child about safe sex we are basically saying that their health concerns are not as important as a straight child's concerns. People of the LGBT community are more likely to get a sexual disease and that is mainly because no one wishes to teach about this kind of stuff for fear of making others uncomfortable. But this isn't about them. This is about every individual who has questions regarding their sexuality and how to protect themselves. We need to start a change that will allow for young gay teens to feel more comfortable for it is unfair how a straight kid gets any information they need in a class but a gay child must look it up. I understand this is a big choice and it will take a while before anything like this can happen but I am hoping with your help and any of your colleagues we can start in Connecticut and make a difference. I would like to meet with you and Richard Blumenthal to discuss more of this topic. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope we may speak in the future.
Sincerely, Tanajah Thompson
Waterbury Career Academy High School
Waterbury, Connecticut 
11 grade

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