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Senator Brunstetter, Governor McCrory, and State Budget Director Art Pope: Don't Defund Our Futures: No to Massive Budget Cuts and School Closings!

The McCrory/Pope budget calls for over $135 Million to be cut from our public University system. These cuts come on top of over $400 Million in painful permanent cuts the UNC System has already absorbed. To pay for these massive cuts McCrory and Pope proposed increasing tuition for out-of-state students (which include undocumented students who pay out-of-state tuition) by up to $5,000! Simultaneously, McCrory/Pope also propose eliminating the Estate tax, which is paid by just 23 of the richest North Carolina families, but would cost the state $54 million dollars in revenue each year. Overall the cuts they proposed are made to dig the working, poor, and quickly disappearing middle class into a deeper hole while keeping wealthiest few at the top.

The day after McCrory/Pope released their budget, Senator Peter Brunstetter, co-chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, told the media that the Senate’s budget would likely close one or more UNC system schools. This proposal to close campuses undoubtedly targets HBCUs, and campuses within majority working class communities of color. We cannot allow these attacks to continue!
This is a call to action. Silence is complicit in consent, but we already hear a thunderous voice of opposition. Help us tell our lawmakers that we do not consent to a government that fuels the desires of the few over the needs of the many. Help us fight for the North Carolina we want to see.

This petition was delivered to:
  • State Budget Director
    Art Pope
  • Co-Chair NC Senate Appropriations Committee
    Senator Peter Brunstetter
  • Governor
    Pat McCrory
  • Speaker NC House
    Thom Tillis
  • President Pro Tempore NC Senate
    Phil Berger

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