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Today, Scott Brown demanded that Vicki Kennedy remain silent on her choice for Massachusetts Senator as a prerequisite for his participation in a debate to be held at the Kennedy Institute, an organization recognized by the U.S. government as a 501(c)(3) educational - and by definition - non-partisan organization. When she refused to do so, Scott Brown refused to debate his challenger Elizabeth Warren at the Institute. 

That a U.S. Senator would demand that anyone – much less a woman – keep quiet at this moment with everything that is going on with this country is completely appalling. Scott Brown ought to be ashamed of himself.  

Letter to
Senator Brown
Dear Senator Brown:

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our shock that during this pivotal time in American history you – a United States Senator - would ask any woman to stand silently by as we debate the critical issues facing this country.

By demanding that Vicki Kennedy remain silent on her choice of representative to the U.S. Senate, you tried to strip her of her most elemental right as a United States citizen.

That you claimed to need her ‘neutrality’ in order to assure yourself that the Kennedy Institute would be ‘non-partisan’ is an insult to the voters of Massachusetts and a disservice to Ms. Kennedy and her late husband. Surely we do not need to remind you of the sacrifices that the Kennedy family has made for our great country.

While you may have the right to decline Ms. Kennedy’s invitation to participate in a debate at the Kennedy Institute, you certainly do not have the right to ask her - or any woman - to be silent at this pivotal moment or frankly, ever.

It may bear repeating that women are the majority of the United States population (157 million women vs. 151.8 million men) as well as the majority of the Massachusetts population (51.6%). Women are also the majority of the voters in the United States (46.2% of women voted in 2010 vs. 45% of men).

As member of the United States Senate you have an obligation to promote a vibrant democracy – not just to support those who are supportive of your political objectives.

While Ms. Kennedy is just one woman, your demand for her silence is harmful to all women and to this great nation.



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