A better place for foster kids

A better place for foster kids

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Ashley Nichole started this petition to Senator Brian J. Feldman and

Children and teens enter foster care through no fault of their own, because they have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and are unable to continue living safely with their families. These children are then put in Foster Care. Sometimes it works out but for some kids it dont. Some kids get abused in foster care or treated badly simply because the foster parents see them as only a meal ticket.  I cant imagine what it feels like to be a kid in foster care,my heart goes out to every kid struggling in the foster care system. These kids are passed around from one foster family to the next! Its a rough unhappy life. According to the most recent federal data, there are currently more than 400,000 children in foster care in the United States. They range in age from infants to 21 years old (in some states). The average age of a child in foster care is more than 8 years old.Each year, approximately 20,000 youth will age out of the foster care system when they turn 18 or 21, or when they finish high school (depending upon the state in which they live.) These children are at increased risk of poor educational outcomes, experiencing homelessness, and being unemployed. 

BUT WHAT IF THERE WAS A BETTER PLACE FOR FOSTER KIDS? *Milton Hershey has already done it.* Milton Hershey School is dedicated to providing its students with a safe and supportive environment in which to live and learn. Milton Hershey School respects the needs and personal integrity of all students, and aims to provide programs that enable each student to develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and socially. One of the goals of Milton Hershey School is to provide students with opportunities to develop academic knowledge and life skills for future success. At milton they have living in student homes and attending school, students have a rigorous schedule of after-school programs, athletics and homework hours to support their classroom learning.

what if we did that as well? Cut out foster care! Make a home campus with school programs annd opportunities.

No chances of abuse or a child getting treated badly, but a bright happy future & place they can grow up ? Kids should be happy.

This method will be cheaper in the long run and better for the kids. 

Think of all the money that goes to: Foster parents, police arresting and mental health.Lets think long term with money and how we can give kids a brighter future!

18-20 year olds are discharged and are usualy homeless,criminals or have mental problems.What happens to youths raised in our chaotic and dysfunctional foster care system? The outlook for most is grim, given their histories of broken relationships and unstable educational experiences. They are far more likely to be chronically unemployed, and spend their lives in poverty than other young people. Its sad!

Why not make a better place?

A child living in foster care can have a great and safe experience, or it can have devastating consequences as the system may create a severed, ruptured, or disrupted connection to their families of origins. For those who have experienced multiple foster home placements, multiple stories of loss and/or trauma exist. For many children, their lives are intertwined with a story of loss or rejection. These children have gone through every kind of physical, sexual and mental abuse before they are placed into the foster care system and then sometimes bad stuff happens again in the foster home.


Kids are our future. Lets give them a good life!

We ignore the fact. foster care harbors its own threats to the safety and well-being of vulnerable children. Lets make a change.






0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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