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Start a federal law against abandonment of children

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Children are abandoned by one parent or both everyday. I want to start a federal law so that criminal charges can be brought against parents like this. There are state laws regarding abandonment however they don't seem to be enforced readily. I'm currently dealing with a custody case with my son where his father took him out of the state of Massachusetts and brought him to Ohio he's been in and out of residential situations in the state finally decided to take custody. His father up and left him in the state of Ohio with no parents and  in the state care with me being in the state of Connecticut. I have been fighting for the last year to get my son back. It has been a very long and donating battle. His father just up and left and wants nothing to do with him anymore after having custody of him for the past 13 years and he's just going on with his life. Let's make a federal law that makes this type of situation illegal and could face Federal charges with jail time and termination of parental rights. This is devastating not only on the child but on the family also. My son has major abandonment issues and major mental health issues due to this. He is suffering the most out of all of us. He has no stable living environment and no family where he is right now. This law would help not only in a state level but on a federal level making it illegal for any parent to abandon their child like this. This  law would be called Shawn's law. It is so important for families to work together no matter what the circumstances are parents need to learn to work things out no matter how each parent feels about each other. It is detrimental to these children when things like this happen. There are so many children that are in the foster care system because one or both parents have abandoned them. Please sign this petition if you care about our children and our society and don't want to see these children go through this heartache of parents abandoning them and to help the parents who are fighting for their child to get them back and give them the love they need. Let's bring these parents criminal charges and termination of parental rights and give these children some justice and hopefully a little bit of Peace of Mind knowing that their parents had some repercussions for their actions.

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