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Petitioning Senator Bennet and Senator Udall

Support the Obama administration's "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights"

American companies lead the way in providing the newest technologies to the American consumer population. Recently smartphone applications such as Youtube and Flickr have been accused of spying on user’s personal information (Whittaker). Including personal information such as contact lists, text messages and GPS locations. Other popular companies like Facebook, Google and Apple have been tracking users on the internet without permission (Acohido). Twitter, another popular social media application, was reported saving the users information for 18 months after they sign up for “find friends” on their Twitter account. Path, an iOS and Android application, was also reported for accessing user contact information without permission. There is no clear set of ground rules that apply to this commercial arena. This makes it difficult for consumers to assess whether a company’s privacy policy is going to be intrusive into the one’s private life. These companies take the information that they acquire from users history, contacts, text messages, search engines and social networks, and they build a detailed profile filled with the user’s behavior. Do we want to have a hidden profile with all our personal information stashed away? No this is just how marketing is becoming more intrusive, selling our information to third parties for them to analyze. That’s why we see advertisements that are personally marketed towards us (Delo).
The Obama administration has looked into this problem and released a report to Congress for the “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.” The White House plans to send this bill to Congress for passage, this would provide for individual control over our personal data. There is no set date for this to go into effect that is why we as consumers NEED to act to make laws so we can ensure our freedom as Americans. The bill would also make the application companies put their privacy policies in an easy to read language so any consumer can understand it with no hidden or convoluted message. Many users that download the smartphone applications are left in the dark about what the privacy policy is for each individual application. Something is starting to be done about the matter but Congress needs to protect people’s privacy. By signing this petition, we demand that the “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” be passed immediately so Americans can feel free again. Our privacy matters!

Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

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Letter to
Senator Bennet and Senator Udall
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Senator Bennet and Senator Udall.

Sign and support the Obama administration's "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights"

We write to urge you to support and sign the Obama administration’s “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights,” which provides consumers protection in this new information age. With the popularity of the Internet, World Wide Web, and smart phones, privacy has never been more important. This privacy issue has become open to debate based on the recent events of certain influential companies uploading consumer’s contact lists, reading text messages, and intercepting phone calls through the companies downloaded smart phone app. Most of these application companies do not post their privacy policies for consumers to blatantly understand, which creates deception amongst us Americans. We, as consumers, will not stand for this outright invasion of privacy or be left in the dark. President Obama’s bill must be passed and written into law to protect not only our privacy, but for future generations too.
This bill would protect our privacy by allowing consumers to clearly see what they should expect from those who handle their personal information, while also setting limits on what companies can do with personal data. The most important part of this bill is that the privacy policies will have to be transparent and easily accessible to all consumers. This will allow companies to build up trust again with us consumers who feel extremely invaded by the recent spying incidents. If this bill is not passed, I can assure you that us consumers will shy away from such technologies that give access to our personal data, and that is something that this economy cannot afford to go through.
Please support and encourage other congressmen to sign the Consumer Bill of Rights. Privacy is something that every American should have the right to and as President Obama states, “From the birth of our republic, we assured ourselves protection against unlawful intrusion into our homes and our personal papers,” and this bill solidifies that.



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