Demand NJ Legislators To Reinstate Retirees’ Cost-Of-Living-Adjustments, COLA!

Demand NJ Legislators To Reinstate Retirees’ Cost-Of-Living-Adjustments, COLA!

32,230 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
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Started by Ken Buck

In 2011, Governor Christie signed Chapter 78 into law, suspending all NJ retirees cost-of-living-adjustments, also known as COLA. This went against his campaign platform, not to touch public employees pensions. Prior New Jersey Governors have raided our funds and  they never replenished the billions of dollars they “borrowed” from our pension system. As you will learn, this really has no bearing on restoring our COLA!

Now with a 40 year record high inflation rate and 12 years of not receiving a COLA, New Jersey retirees are suffering mightily. We are desperately in need of the reinstatement of COLA. Retirees have lost, approximately 30% in terms of buying power over the past 12 years. Elderly and disabled retirees are now forced to work another job, as they are receiving pensions near poverty levels. When we retired, we are all led to believe COLA would be there for us.

Unfortunately,  the Courts ruled COLA wasn’t a contractual or proprietary right, However, what came out of the Berg Case, unbeknownst to the majority, was the Pension Adjustment Act! The PAA is a law, from the late 1950s, which placed the obligation of COLA to be paid for by the employers; municipal, counties, and State. COLA does not come from our pension funds, nor does it affect our funding levels. We were falsely led the believe that COLA had a negative impact on funding levels. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Help is finally here and that’s where NJ Senate Bill S260 and Assembly Bill A2758 are of the utmost importance to NJ retirees! We are asking all NJ retirees, active members, and friends and family to contact their legislators and ask them to co-sponsor and support Senate Bill S260 and Assembly Bill A2758! We have started the leg work and need your help! Let our voices be heard! Strength in numbers my friends! Thank you for your support, contacting your legislators, and sharing our cause with your colleagues, friends, and family! Let’s get COLA restored for All!

Interactive NJ Legislative District Map To Email Your Legislators

Senate Bill S260 Automatic Reinstatement of COLA

Assembly Bill A2758 Automatic Reinstatement of COLA


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32,230 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!