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Dear Senator :

We as Kurdish Americans in California continue to be outraged at the ongoing Turkish relentless and ruthless offensive against Kurds and other ethnic and religious minorities in Afrin. Unfortunately Afrin is alone as the international community has to awake to the catastrophic war that Turkey has been waging against innocent and defenseless civilians for over fifty one days. We have seen well documented glimpses of gruesome images of hundreds of children, women, and men killed, injured, scenes of burned towns and villages, pillaged homes, tortured civilians, mutilated women, random shootings, and an endless trail of destruction.  In recent days, the Turkish Army along with its Jihadist forces has intensified their areal and ground attacks on the besieged city of Afrin whose trapped population is now being threatened with shortage of water and a dire need for provisions as humanitarian convoys are stranded in the city.  The Turkish government has announced that it intends “to cleanse” the area ethnically by replacing its original inhabitants with non-native populations. According to eyewitness reports, the Syrian Army, on the other hand is demanding $1200-2000 from civilians in Afrin for safe passage out of the Afrin, an obvious extortion that is beyond what people can afford.  Civilians currently are under bombardments while surrounded to the north by an EU supplied massive 3m high cement wall and jihadists on the one side, Turkish military, Syrian military and ISIS on the eastern, western and southern fronts on the other. 


Although thousands of Syrian Democratic Forces and People Defense Units (SDF-YPG-YPJ) fighters are bravely defending the city and its civilians, but they do not match the monstrous military machinery of Endogan with its Jihadist mercenaries. Paradoxically the world has largely remained silent contrary to the United Nations Charter and in violations of all international laws envisaged in different conventions. The Security Council and other international organizations instead of maintaining and calling for peace have remained oblivious to the crimes that are being committed. No one is hearing the victims in the American mainstream media either as if they are unmentionable.

No other international entities except for Amnesty International have criticized Turkey openly for the crimes that are being committed with impunity. Kurdish so- called allies in the fight against ISIS have once again betrayed their Kurdish allies, the same people who with untold sacrifice have given countless lives in their decisive and revolutionary war against ISIS for the sake of global freedom and security. The Turkish attacks are against civilians and as reported by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, Amnesty International, and Human Rights watch hundreds of civilians are targeted, killed, injured, and displaced as the Turkish ruling party continues to launch a propaganda war against Kurds in Turkey by repressing any dissent against their unprovoked war.



We are profoundly concerned, alarmed, and outraged at the international community, as a whole, and the fact that our government is oblivious to the obvious crimes that are being committed against Kurdish people and others in North Syria by the Turkish military whose ISIS and Al-Qaeda ties are well established.  We are dismayed that you do not speak out against Erdogan, a despotic man who is savagely attacking innocent and defenseless people to crush their popular movement for social justice, peace, and change. This is also an assault on our humanitarian and moral values and our silence is not justified. History in the long run is not forgiving and will encounter self-serving political interests in the face of tragedies it has witnessed such as the Turkish genocide of Armenians, the Jewish holocaust, and the genocide of Yazidis (Kurdish Ezidis).


The Turkish war of aggression is against democracy and international and humanitarian laws, more importantly it is against total dismantling and destroying ISIS.Every day more lives can be lost if we do not take action against this blatant aggression. We, the Kurdish Americans of California call on our representatives, our government, humanitarian organizations, and conscientious people to speak out against this injustice whenever and wherever they can.  History is the ultimate moral imperative. In the enlightening words of the great American leader, Martin Luther King, “ History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”