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Federal Funding for Oregon Charter Schools

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Charter schools are very common these days. Parents have the option of sending their kids to these charter schools or else to the traditional district school. I would suspect that most taxpayers are not aware that these schools are funded differently.

I would suspect that most Oregon tax payers have no idea that the taxes they pay that go towards the School District are NOT distributed equally between schools within the district.

It would seem that the intent of the federal funds distributed with each student is to help each student in their school. Those funds are meant to follow the student; however, there is a little known loophole in Oregon law that allows the school district where a Charter School resides to keep up to 20% per student of the government money allotted to the Charter school.

If your student goes to a normal district school, the school gets 100% of that child's federal funds; however, if the student goes to a Charter School, the Charter School only gets 80% and the District keeps the rest. This is extremely unfair, and greatly reduces the working budget and teacher salaries at the Charter Schools.

The frustrating thing is that all of the schools are equally expected to provide education to our children and to keep them on track to stay at or above grade level.  With equal expectations for achievement, shouldn’t there be equal funding?

Why is this happening?

Education Volume 9 ORS 338 ( for Public Charter Schools needs to be changed at a state level. Senator Arnie Roblan is putting forward a bill to allow Charter schools state wide to keep 95% but as in the past, House Education Committee Chair Margaret Doherty has blocked the bill. This is why this needs to be addressed at the Oregon State level, that is why we are petitioning Senator Roblan & House Education Committee Chair Margaret Doherty.

Without full funding, it greatly reduces the working budget and teacher salaries for these smaller Charter schools.  It is time to change this law: Education Volume 9 ORS 338. It needs to be amended so that the Charter schools receive at least 95% of federal funds meant for the students who attend. The 5% the district can keep to cover any additional associated expenses.

It is time to respect what a great job the Charter Schools in Oregon are doing and give them the funding they would have been allocated had they been any other school.

We are requesting Senator Roblan and House Education Committee Chair Margaret Doherty to honor that Charter schools are here to stay, by doing the right thing, and amending the law so that these Charter schools can receive at least 95% of the federal funding for its students.

Again, with new students and new income coming in from housing and with a huge budget already available, its time to re-allocate funds where they belong- back with the students who attend the Charter Schools. It's time to up the amount of federal funds to 95% given to the Charter Schools… it's time to do the right thing.

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