Stop selling weapons

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Recently , there has been a series of attacks to schools in the country which involve teenagers having full access to weapons. The most recent one being in Texas , in which 10 innocent people died . 2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than to service man. Just in 2018, 22 school shootings have taken place. As a student this terrifies me. It is hard to believe that other children of my age or even younger , who are starting their life and starting to live their dreams suffer of this type of cruel acts. 

It’s unbelievable how even after all of the shootings that have taken place this year and in the past years the government has not done anything to stop this from happening in the future . We cannot let this happen again. We cannot keep losing children. We cannot keep on forgetting about what has happened and act as if nothing rreally happened.  

I understand that the U.S economy is based off of selling weapons of all kinds .  But , is money more important than the country’s lives ? HOW MANY MORE? Slaughter after slaughter. The inaction of congress has become a green light for shooter to keep doing their horrible acts . 

It is necessary for Congress to start doing something. We cannot continue to live this life. Not knowing when and where will the next shooting take place. We cannot be afraid anymore. It is not too late to make a change. Congress needs to pass laws that keep deadly weapons away from our communities and makes schools safer. 

We also need to start testing the mental health of people who own / are trying to buy weapons  due to the fact that most of the shooters have been diagnosed with mental health problems . 

This petition does not mean that the right for people to own guns for self defense needs to be taken away . This petition was created to stop the sell of weapons to people who are not being tested for mental health or their capacities to own a gun , also to stop teenagers (people younger than 21) from buying weapons. Most school shootings have been done by teenagers . 


“As long as the government continues to allow guns for any person in America , the NRA will allow anyone to hold a gun” - LL

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