Senate reject compromise torture deals, always

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Previous republican administrations have pressured the Senate to pass legislation
condoning torture, secret prisons, and undermining the human rights of
detainees; atrociously.  Any proposed legislation that violates both the moral principles on
which this nation was founded and the internationally accepted Geneva
Conventions standards for treatment of prisoners, should be rejected.  The many recently
publicized scandals concerning the abuse of detainees by the U.S. military
shows we need more enforcement of such standards, not less.  On September 21, 2006, an unacceptable ”compromise” was announced which would allow the President to bypass the courts to make determinations about what is and is not a violation of the Geneva
Conventions.  It should be condemned.  Several groups of retired judges, and former government officials and military leaders have spoken about the need to uphold the moral standards our nation agreed to by signing the Geneva Conventions.  Treating people inhumanely does not serve our country's best interests.  According to military leaders these immoral techniques don’t lead to useful (accurate) intelligence information.  Furthermore, brutal, inhuman, and degrading treatment of detainees ultimately undermines U.S. security and breeds radical terrorism against our country.  No one should be subjected to treatment Americans would never tolerate.  I'm adamantly opposed to any effort to weaken our War Crimes Act of 1996 and the internationally accepted Geneva Conventions.  Please reject all future legislation undermining them.