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Hearing the Hushed Voices: Catcalling will Never be a Compliment

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“Catcalling” is the act of whistling, yelling at, or making unsolicited comments about someone, often in a public place. Hushed voices of catcalled victims are aimed to be heard with the help of this petition. According to Atty. Laserna (2016), "In QC, wolf whistles can land you to jail.". Just recently, Mayor Herbert Bautista has signed a city law called " Amended gender and Development Code" also known as " The Anti-catcalling Ordinance". This law imposes a fine and jail term for acts considered as sexual harassments. In this petition, we are generating our voices for the Senate of the Philippines to officially sign a bill to stop the widening spread of Catcalling Cases in our country.

We have the right to walk peacefully at the street without being disturbed. Everyday, we live as if someone is always giving us the fear of what they intended to. Catcalling will never be accepted as compliment to any women out there. Respect. It doesn't make a man you will be without the respect you're giving to any women. "Hey sexy" who would want to be addressed by that? It's such an abuse to any woman out there. As there are a lot of dangerous cases out there, like rape, when some bystander or stranger calls your attention like that would affect us, women, emotionally and psychologically.  Like what Mica Cruz said. "When a man catcalls, he is asserting his dominance and sexual interest over the female target." and we would think that we are in danger because the environment that we are in is making us feel frightened. In behalf of our fellow women, we would like to stand up for our bodily intergrity and autonomy.






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