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Fight voter-suppressing Crosscheck at the Supreme Court

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The fight against Crosscheck begins with the obvious, that cheating in elections has painful consequences.  Currently, as citizens have witnessed, the new president, Donald Trump --

-- supports Steve Bannon and his shocking headline, “Hoist it high and proud,” praising the killing of blacks in Charleston, South Carolina

-- vows to murder the families and children of terrorist suspects

-- accuses 2.9 million Americans of committing a crime by voting for Hillary Clinton

-- accuses millions of undocumented Mexicans of being murderers and rapists

-- assaults for five years President Barack Obama on the birther issue

-- invites the assassination of Hillary Clinton with “Let's see what happens to her.  Take their guns away, okay?  It would be very dangerous”

-- vows to reinstate torture “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” in violation of international law

-- imposes a gag order on the Environmental Protection Agency that stops all new EPA webpage content, press releases, and social media posts, and freezes any grants that deal with climate change and other environmental issues

-- promotes Steve Bannon to a full member of the National Security Council, a position that out-ranks both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence, who are demoted to part-time members

-- imposes a ban on seven Muslim-majority countries from which no immigrant has committed a terrorist act in the United States since 9/11, but imposes no ban on Saudi Arabia and three other countries, the origins of 19 terrorists who attacked on 9/11, countries where Trump also holds multi-million dollar hotel licensing deals 

-- accuses 17 U.S. intelligence agencies of falsehood in Russia’s hacking of the United States elections

-- attacks U.S. intelligence agencies for acting like Nazi Germany, in the (unproven) leaking of a dossier given to the FBI by Senator John McCain, alleging Russia possesses a damaging video of Trump meeting with prostitutes at a Moscow hotel

The lessons we draw continue to grow worse and worse.  

But the truly painful reality is this: 

Greg Palast reports a Republican system, called Crosscheck (at, has purged --

-- 449,922 voters in Michigan, where the Trump victory margin was 13,107

-- 270,824 voters in Arizona, where the Trump victory margin was 85,257

-- 589,393 voters in North Carolina, where the Trump victory margin was 177,008

-- in a total of 28 states, Crosscheck has removed 1.1 million voters, most of these black and Hispanic

This occurrence, leading to the unwarranted term of a president such as Trump, is where we must take a stand.  Immediately, please present the citizens’ case against Crosscheck, and a stolen America, before the Supreme Court.

View the Crosscheck documentary here (it's free) by clicking on "LIVE: #TrumpStoleIt":

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